eDiscovery Services

Collection and Preservation

Sandline forensically collects data and manages a network of examiners for collection projects around the world. We offer full disk imaging, targeted collection, mobile device collection, webmail capture and more...

Data Reduction

Whether part of early case assessment (ECA) or keeping costs within budget, defensible data reduction is a key part of almost every project. At every stage, we are looking for ways to streamline the culling of ever increasing data volumes...

Hosting and Review

Sandline offers Relativity hosting to our clients. We have several years of combined experience administering the system and managing case work. That experience has led us to rely...

ESI Processing

Processing matters and a high quality output is paramount. Errors and oversights here can create serious trouble downstream in review, production or even at trial. In our process, we extract text and metadata to create the best searchable data set...


Our production process is more than generating tiffs and text according to an ESI protocol. For us, it’s an exercise in quality control. Our production qc workflow ensures the right data goes out in the right format.

Software Development

We code for our clients, and we code for our own quality and efficiency. Our clients know to talk to us when they have a manual task or some problem data. There’s a good chance that Sandline will be able to build a solution to save...


The Sandline Team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds including corporate IT, software development, engineering and litigation support. Whether engaged in every day case management or on a consulting contract, we are always advising our clients from a place of experience in this business and others. Consulting opportunities have included

Workflow Creation

Systems design and Implementation

Custom Relativity Programming

Trial Prep


Sandline Discovery is a boutique eDiscovery service provider.
To us that means a lot of talent packed into a smaller, leaner team.

  • Experienced in eDiscovery and litigation support services for Fortune 100 companies
  • Relativity certifications - a majority of the company has them.
  • Custom Relativity API, Scripts, and C# Programmers
  • AMLAW 100 Litigation support manager experience
  • Streamlined and efficient data processing
  • People you can trust with your most demanding eDiscovery needs
  • Managed projects across 4 continents