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  • Digital Forensics

    Whether you need data collections often or you are facing your first collection, our experienced team knows where to find that tough data without disrupting business operations. Our team uses defensible methods and only extracts the data that is necessary for litigation to ensure you aren't getting charged anything more than what is necessary.


    Our team has experience with practically all data types and we partner with industry leaders for special data collections. We are proud to call data collections our specialty.


    For example, our team has collected on-site as far as Taiwan; collected remote data in the UK; managed teams of partners collecting multiple sources simultaneously in Europe, Asia and the US; imaged mobile devices in Baltimore and laptops in Florida; performed preservation and departing user image collections for our Pharma clients; collected cloud and social media data and developed a custom add-on to review mobile data in Relativity.


    Mobile Collections


    Mobile data investigations are becoming a vital strategy when building a case plan by understanding key conversations early. We make the collections fast and easy and can organize the data for easy searching to find information quickly.


    Social Media Collections


    If social media is a part of the initial discussions, we can help craft the best collection plan and which social media data may be important. Collecting these data early can help shape the overall strategy.


    Structured Data Collections


    Structured data collections and organization is becoming more common for discovery. Oftentimes the investigation into structured databases will surface anomalies or conversely, show everything was copacetic.

  • Discovery Solutions

    Sandline Discovery has the right experience and all the tools to manage the levels of complexity that make your discovery projects harder and more expensive. Our goal is to make sure eDiscovery doesn’t get in the way of your goal.


    Data Processing

    Whether structured or unstructured data, processing is a mix of art and science. We apply experience and logic to ensure our team culls out erroneous data and gives access to what is important to discovery. This is often where many providers make extra money; it is where we capture and retain new clients from the start.


    Early Case Assessment

    ECA in today's landscape isn't relegated to common ESI. Our clients rely on us to help craft the best case plan and to do that we have a conversation and early view into all data types that may be relevant. This could include social media, key custodian mobile data, CRM data, but no matter the data type, we make it easy for our clients.


    Advanced Technology

    Throughout all aspects of eDiscovery, we deploy and even create technology to ensure our clients are aligning the proper technology and case economics with our services. We do this within the Relativity ecosystem and deploying Technology Assisted Review and AI, giving access to analytics for every case, foreign language translation, processing automations and a continued pulse on the market for emerging technologies.


    Managed Review

    The Sandline Managed Review team combines our law firm experience, refined procedures and an expert attorney review team under one roof with a single point of contact. With many years of experience, our clients reap the benefits of exceptional quality. Every project is led by qualified attorneys and supported by Relativity-certified project managers. Our team of barred and licensed review attorneys has extensive experience conducting first-level reviews for responsiveness, relevance, confidentiality, key documents and potential privilege. Read More!

  • Consulting Services

    As much as we all know that every case contains its own idiosyncrasies, there are commonalities to the processes around them. We find this becoming less common as other data types come into play for either investigations or discovery and our project management team always proposes creative solutions. Our clients now rely on our advice for many projects and in some instances, as we collaborate, we find a need to expand our scope.


    Special Projects

    Cases that blip on our radar where we broaden the discussion allow our teams to architect a solution that best aligns with case goals. Often-times this includes disparate data types or sources, but other matters require an investigation comparing these sources together to surface the appropriate information.


    Structured Data

    Discovery of both structured and unstructured data is not mutually exclusive. When relevant and available, we have found that correlating the two sources are what tie the case evidence together. This process is becoming easier as well to collect, analyze and produce. We are only experts at managing this process because we have taken the challenge head on with other clients. Let us know how we can help you.


    Litigation Readiness

    Many organizations have taken the past decade or more building their information governance plan and deploying it corporately. Of immediate importance is data security and proper data management plans, but we have found many corporations now have multiple data locations, unneeded data and various data archives. Our team will build a plan to properly process and store data that are potentially subject to future litigation. Combining these processes has saved millions in downstream litigation costs of data collections and processing.

  • Sandline Discovery Innovations

    As a company, we have always strived to find a better way. We are a company that asks our clients their end goals even if it means we would not make as much on the project by streamlining the process. The same ardent desire exists for us to improve our Relativity environment or bring innovative technologies to the market.


    Language Localizer

    A Relativity Application, Language Localizer renames Relativity Objects such as Tabs, Views, Layouts and Fields to any Unicode character set easily within your Relativity Workspace. Whether the characters are CJK, Cyrillic, Arabic or any others, they can all be copied directly into the tool by allowing an Administrator complete control to name the Objects.


    The Language Localizer allows a Relativity Admin to localize workspaces for any regional review team in a way that improves workflow for international Relativity users. This flexibility allows document reviewers in any country to have a similar experience to their English-speaking counterparts and has been found to increase review efficiency, saving time and money for clients.


    Mobilizer (Placeholder or can delete)

    When collecting and reviewing mobile data, it is initially the same as reading a spreadsheet or a report. We take that structured report and create an easy way to search and view the conversations in Relativity as if you were looking at the phone. We also apply data analytics within the dashboards to dynamically show important conversations, other parties and timelines.



    Need a description of how we are applying SonarReview analytics and any other information like index type (LSI) etc.

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