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Break the Cycle. Be Prepared.

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Ediscovery tends to go through a cycle:

  1. Thinking about it
  2. I guess we need to collect some data
  3. We should probably review this stuff
  4. PRODUCE! Yesterday!
  5. Are we done?

Good planning and preparation can help smooth this out, but cases inevitably get busy and quiet, so we need to be staffed and equipped for the heaviest workload we expect. How busy might that be?

Busier than intuition would suggest, thanks to a mathematical phenomenon known as the Birthday Paradox:

Question: In a group of 23 people, what are the chances that two people have the same birthday?

Answer: About 50/50

Really, it's true! Reasons vary why most people find the mathematical result surprising; I favor the explanation that when we hear the question, we intuitively ask ourselves the wrong question. We think, "what are the odds that someone else has the same birthday as me?" We should ask "what are the odds of anyone sharing anyone else's birthday?"

Though superficially similar, they are fundamentally different.

So, when estimating the capacity you need, ask yourself, what are the odds that two of my cases get busy at the same time? We do!

Written by Joe Ulfers

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