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Easy Ways to Improve Case Team Communication

Let's start with email

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- By Dan Cohen

Working with a case team can be hard sometimes, right? Especially when it’s cross-functional, remote, in different time zones, lacking “defined” leadership but full of “implied” leadership because of company culture and politics. Add in a few competing priorities, a looming deadline and a variety of personality types and you’ve got real potential for stress, confusion and very little fun!

As part of a team, there are many variables that are simply out of your control like geography, other people’s workloads and competing priorities. You can’t do anything about the politics or corporate culture either. There is, however, one way to ensure that things stay on the rails, and relatively stress- and confusion-free. It’s all in the communication and everyone has to pitch in here. If the communication is good, the team will be good too. And when the team is good, the outcome will be better!

Over the next six weeks we’ll provide a new tip each week guaranteed to enhance your case team communication!

Here's the first one:

  1. Change the subject line – You know how there can be six different email threads running for two months about three different cases started by four different people? And they all have nearly identical subject lines that may or may not relate to the content of the current message. It sounds crazy, I know. But look in your Inbox. When an email thread about case #1 morphs into a conversation about case #2, change the subject line to reflect that. You’ll be a hero.

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