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Easy Ways to Improve Case Team Communication #2

Let's start with email

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- By Dan Cohen

Working with a case team can be hard sometimes, right? I've found that communication is really the key to successful teamwork, but that doesn't mean it's easy. To help you and your team achieve success, we've pledged to provide a new tip each week guaranteed to enhance your case team communication! Check out last week's tip for the first in the series. #2 is below. Good luck!

Email Communication Tip #2:

After 3 rounds, pick up the phone – Sometimes you email a multi-part question that should result in a detailed answer that involves dates, times and details. Sometimes you get the following reply: "yes." You might ask the same question in a different way hoping the recipient acknowledges the updated information with a better response. Sometimes your updated response is: "ok."

Look, sometimes email communication just doesn’t work out. In these cases, pick up the phone and have a conversation. Don’t let an unproductive email conversation go on for too long. After three rounds, pick up the phone.

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