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GDPR Compliance Final Checklist

Are you ready for May 25th, 2018?

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Because the General Data Protection Regulation requires businesses to protect all personal data of European Union’s citizens, the impacts are global. As a global eDiscovery provider, we have had many conversations regarding data privacy and GDPR is another important layer. Although GDPR is specific to transactions that happen within the EU member states, the data security implications certainly reach farther than Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

There are many articles available that boil down the regulations, but for the purposes of this quick tip, we have a few online tools to recommend that should be helpful in creating or ensuring compliance. General security compliance to ensure company, personnel and sensitive information is most likely already living in an information governance deployment and so likely GDPR compliance may only be a few additional steps.

The GDPR Checklist that was put together by this small team from Belgium (based off of The SaaS CTO Security Checklist) is a great way to run your current processes through the checklist and compare to the GDPR Articles. Whether you are a Controller of data, Processor of data or both, the checklist will help identify and guide you through the process. This checklist will also help you compare your current plan as well as a final walk through.

*As a needed disclaimer, the information included in the checklists are not our opinions to be construed as legal advice. Should you need additional assistance, let us help you find the right counsel to ensure your firm is compliant.

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