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ILTA 2018 and Beyond

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Sandline Discovery - Insight, Ideas and eDiscovery -

By Dan Cohen

Sandline Discovery is committed to contributing to the legal community in a meaningful way that provides practical and valuable advice, education and insight. To ensure that Sandline’s offerings are aligned and growing with the needs and expectations of the community, we took the opportunity to meet with some of our clients and partners at ILTACON this year to discuss new technology, firm initiatives and plans for the upcoming year. To ensure that this was as fun as it was productive, meetings included food and drinks at as many National Harbor establishments as we could get to!

We found out that security, cost control, innovation and customer service are all top of mind and continue to be important factors when it comes to vendor selection. Good news for us since these are things we’re already committed to continually improving. We found out that NexLP, Heretik and Veritone are some of the companies that folks are talking about. Good news for you since these companies are all developing great AI-enabled analytics integrations for the Relativity ecosystem.

We also met with a few new potential partners to discuss adding new technology and services to our existing portfolio. More on that as it develops. But our most exciting and immediate new development last week was becoming an ILTA corporate sponsor and beginning to map out our plan to contribute to the ILTA community. We’re excited to partner with ILTA and we’re looking forward to the opportunities that belonging to this community will provide. Our goal is to contribute useful and meaningful expertise and information to the members by way of events, presentations and other educational content. We also hope to learn just as much as we contribute along the way. As the industry transforms and technology advances faster than ever, we think it’s becoming more and more important to develop long term partnerships that grow, expand, evolve and influence everyone involved and connected. You know, like a community.

Want to see Sandline do a presentation in your area? Let us know what you’re interested In!

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