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Master's Conference DC - Top 5 Takeaways

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-By Dan Cohen

I’m happy to say that Sandline Discovery has just wrapped up our 2018 conference season with a great experience at the Master’s Conference DC. We learned a lot, met a lot of great people along the way and have a big job ahead of us in preparing for the 2019 conference season!

While we participated more in DC than at previous conferences, we still walked away learning a lot more than we contributed. We’re all lucky to be part of a community of such skilled, dedicated and generous professionals willing to share their stories and knowledge with anyone with the time to listen.

The DC legal community, not unlike the communities in Denver, NY and San Francisco, faces unique challenges that are often solved only by folks who know the community well. But, at the same time, just like every other community, the Washington, DC legal community has clients, law firms, service providers, startups, entities and agencies that face challenges, wrestle with technology, deal with new and emerging data sources and solve new problems every day.

We’ve reported on the trends and challenges, advice and anecdotes we’ve heard in each city and have come to realize that the takeaways are universal. There are different flavors in each city, but we think everyone is connected and shares in both the successes and challenges of the greater community.

That said, we’re going to share a streamlined version of our top 5 takeaways across all Master’s Conferences we’ve attended this year with a bonus of 6 useful and practical quotes direct from the panelists here in DC. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts and would love to hear your thoughts about any of our thoughts, or anything else you took away from the Master’s Conference this year. Please get in touch and sign up for our mailing list for future updates.

Consolidated Master’s Conference 2018 Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Build trust, relationships and partnerships within and outside of your organization.
  2. Be aligned with your clients.
  3. Know what data you have (or your clients have) and be prepared to keep what you need, ditch what you don’t, and provide what’s requested of you.
  4. Mobile data, enterprise communication data, big data, social media data, new and emerging data- these are the new norm and will become more and more important to govern, secure, find, leverage, review and produce.
  5. Tell a story!

Master’s DC - Top 6 Practical Quotes

“We’re moving towards (and may already be at) a place where ‘Data’ and not documents tell the facts of the matter.” -Dan Regard (iDiscovery Solutions)

“Treat an investigation as if it would turn into a litigation. Document and track your entire process.” -Eric Hensel-Briscoe (Skadden)

“Getting the best evidence as early as possible allows attorneys to understand the case merits and may help lead to an early settlement.” -Chad Papenfuss (Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck)

"Weird data is now normal data!" -Cat Casey (Gibson Dunn)

“It's important that you help us work more efficiently!” -Julie Kaplan (Marshall Dennehey)

“Clients are looking to leverage providers’ consulting expertise. You need to have the experience, and be able to share it in a consultative manner.” -Tyler McGreevy (Orrick)

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