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Master's Conference Denver

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There’s no shortage of eDiscovery and legal technology conferences throughout the year. It’s not hard to find an industry event or two to attend if that’s your goal. What’s harder to find is a consistently great event that’s heavy on community and content, and light on sales and demos. It might seem counter-intuitive for a service provider to seek out such an event but, hey, vendors are people too!

Since 2006, the Master’s Conference has been bringing together leading experts and professionals to create an educational forum for the legal industry to collaborate on current challenges and innovative ideas. This year was only the second that the Master’s Conference has been to Denver, but it felt like a mature forum and a cohesive group. There was a real sense of community there that was unique to this particular event in this particular city. Moderators, panelists and participants interacted freely and offered insight and experience to everyone involved. There was a diverse group of people representing a wide variety of experience and roles at corporations, firms, service providers, government and higher education. There was a lot of good advice, insight and even a few laughs from some of the more seasoned presenters.

For me, this conference was a great reminder of why I’ve been in this business for as long as I have and why I don’t plan to leave it any time soon- there’s always something new to learn and there’s always some people willing to put their business interests aside for a moment and share what they know. The Master’s Conference Denver was a great example of the smart, professional and compassionate community that is the driving force behind the legal technology industry.

For my part, I’d like to share a few of the themes that developed and bubbled to the top throughout the day. There were a lot of speakers and a lot of insight was shared. So to truly benefit from everything this group of people has to offer, you simply “had to be there.” But hopefully a condensed version of the top themes will be helpful.

Please take a look at: Master's Conference Denver - Top 5 Takeaways. It isn’t a comprehensive list of everything mentioned by any means, but I hope it may prove helpful to anyone who missed out or might benefit from a few suggestions for things to consider or keep in mind.

Also, stay tuned for our reporting on Master's NY. We're a sponsor of the July 24, 2018 event and we'll fill you in on the industry insight we walk away with.

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