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Open Space, Open Communication

Solving problems is easiest when barriers are minimized

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Open communication, collaboration and teamwork are key factors to Sandline’s success and growth. This isn’t unique just to us but we think we do a pretty good job in this department. The last time we wrote about this topic we were literally tearing down walls in our office to accommodate growth and foster a creative and collaborative work environment. Here’s a throwback to that post:

Guess what? That worked! Solving problems turned out to be easier with fewer barriers. We broke down the walls and got a lot more than we bargained for. And most of it good!

Sandline has grown rapidly as of late but we’ve kept true to the idea that open space means open communication, both internally and in our approach to client service. With each new hire, we invest the time and technology to ensure that everyone is 100% connected and that communication is a top priority. That said, we’ve faced new challenges that a sledgehammer just wouldn’t help with.

Ours is a modern team and that means diverse and spread out. So where we were once focused on tearing down walls, we’re now focused on building bridges. The bridges, of course, are technology which are ever changing, updating, releasing, patching, securing, replacing and improving. We’re committed to continually assessing and improving any process or technology that improves our communication, collaboration and creativity. We use a lot of tools that you’ve heard of and some you may not have. We have some traditional tools (both custom and off the shelf) but we also have some contraptions that look more like “Johnny 5” than a sophisticated communications device.

Regardless of the device used or the distance conquered, we’ll keep tearing down walls, using collaboration tools and building cool contraptions because we know that solving problems is easiest when barriers are minimized.

Written by Jon Canty

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