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“Proportionality is like oxygen; it fills every room”

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Sandline's Mimi Singh, General Counsel and Director of Consulting, gave a presentation on proportionality and case strategy to a standing room only crowd at Relativity Fest this past September.

If you missed it, you're in luck! Relativity's Mary Rechtoris reported on the session and posted an incredibly thorough article on The Relativity Blog capturing some of the key takeaways of the presentation along with some great examples of Mimi's colorful quotes!

Here's a synopsis:

by Mary Rechtoris:

"Case teams must be proportional in the e-discovery process. Often, the cost-benefit principle is at the crux of proportionality. To achieve proportionality, the benefit of producing documentation must outweigh discovery's cost.'

“Proportionality is like oxygen; it fills every room,” said Mimi Singh, general counsel and director of consulting at Sandline Discovery, during a session at Relativity Fest. “We breathe it even if we are unaware of it.”

"During the session, Mimi discussed the importance of being proportional in e-discovery. Here’s what she had to say, including tactics for starting with a more proportional strategy right out of the gate."

Check out the FULL article:

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