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Taking Orders or Trusted Advisor? Part 2

Resisting the easy response of "YES, we will do exactly that!"

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In my younger/wilder days, when I had no view of the big picture and getting the job done was the only thing that mattered, I took to exciting and creative methods so that the answer could always be "Yes, I can do it!".

"Jon, we need to tiff all of these transaction logs. Like now!"

"Let me get right on that!"

An "Atta-boy" was the desired response from the client since the goal was to respond with an affirmative at all costs, deliver exactly what was asked for and do it in record time.

You might feel like you are offering the perfect service experience, but you're probably not.

With experience, you learn to curb that auto-affirmative instinct and think about why something is being requested. You have to get clarification about the goal. Then you ask yourself, "maybe there's a better way to approach this." Now your response becomes "Yes, that's technically feasible, however…" Following that "however" is your diplomatic way to suggest a new course. Yes, there's risk. You're saying "Bobby, don't send Pickett into that position", but in the long run, you are doing much more for your client.

Instead, I may craft my response in this way:

"We can tiff these transactions logs, however, by my estimation that's going to result in 17 million pages to produce. It's not uncommon to produce transaction logs, source code and other text files natively."

Written by Jon Canty

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