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Women’s Bar Association 2018 Annual Dinner

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On the evening of May 17th, we celebrated the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia’s 101st anniversary at their annual dinner. We sponsored the event and were in good company as the sponsor list looked more like the Am Law 100 list. We had a table with colleagues and friends and expected to have a good dinner, some wine, good conversation, run into a few people, meet some new people and learn a little about the WBA since it was our first time. To no one’s surprise, we did all those things. The event was great, and the National Building Museum is a spectacular place for a party!

Since it was our first WBA Annual Dinner, we weren’t sure what to expect from the program. Sometimes events like this are more about the awards, networking or raising money rather than raising awareness on substantive issues. This event had it all but was focused on highlighting and furthering the WBA’s continuing efforts to educate us all on just how much work we need to do to make America a safe place for every single person living and working in this country.

We heard about the WBA’s commitment to combatting sexual harassment in the workplace, fighting for equality and promoting diversity through an inspiring program of speakers who kept 500 people engaged and applauding. Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s keynote speech was both sobering and inspiring. Her anecdotes struck a chord with everyone in the room and left us all wondering how things could have gotten to where they are. One by one, the crowd was treated to speakers celebrating and recognizing great accomplishments of women past and present while at the same time inspiring us all to continue the forward progress while recognizing just how much more we all need to do to ensure that every workplace is respectful, diverse, equal and, most of all, safe for all.

Now that I know what to expect, I’m looking forward to the WBA’s year 102 and all that they will undoubtedly accomplish in the meantime. It’s hard to imagine that the next annual dinner will top this one but let’s find out. I’ll report back in a year and let you know.


Reported by: Dan Cohen

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